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Here at Agile Hr we're lots of things. Top of the list though: we're HR folks. We love it, we live it, we breathe it. Check out our general musings on all things human resources-- from the serious to the silly; the strategic to the standard-- we have it all. We hope you learn, we hope you smile, we hope you come back for more!

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  • organized desk space

    5 Tips to Better Organize Your Time at Work

    We’ve all been there: stressed out at work with deadlines looming, too much to do and too little time to do it. At times, work feels like an epic cage match with you gasping for breath, yet sometimes you’re not even breaking a sweat. Never fear though, here are five tips to help you kick […]

  • motivate your employees

    6 Ways to Reward Your Employees

    Awards and recognition can go one of two ways: either motivate your employee to keep improving and to do their best, or make them think you are ridiculous and don’t really care about them. We recently posted about awards you should never give your employees, but here are some awards and forms of recognition that […]

  • Businesswoman Conducting Interview

    How To Be Impressive at Your Next Job Interview

    Practice Practice makes perfect! Plus, it will help ease your mind of the anxieties that come with being put in the “hot seat.” You can practice with friends and family, or even use them to find friends from other companies that are willing to run a practice interview with you. The more you practice, the […]

  • laptop

    Is a Job Reference Really Important?

    Job references matter. The company wants to know your past work performance. They want to know your work habits from your past employers. Job references should be listed on your resume no matter what. Why? Here are the things you need to know from the hiring manager’s standpoint.   The Real You Everyone of us […]

  • payday on a chalkboard

    Employee Rights in the Workplace

    It is important that employees understand their rights in the workplace, not only in terms of their specific employers, but also in a fundamental legal sense. Far too often companies fail to meet basic requirements, and employees should be prepared to recognize failure to meet their rights in order to correct the wrongs.   A […]