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Here at Agile Hr we're lots of things. Top of the list though: we're HR folks. We love it, we live it, we breathe it. Check out our general musings on all things human resources-- from the serious to the silly; the strategic to the standard-- we have it all. We hope you learn, we hope you smile, we hope you come back for more!

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  • Payday on a chalkboard

    Employee Rights in the Workplace

    It is important that employees understand their rights in the workplace, not only in terms of their specific employers, but also in a fundamental legal sense. Far too often companies fail to meet basic requirements, and employees should be prepared to recognize failure to meet their rights in order to correct the wrongs.   A […]

  • Climbing a ladder into the sky

    Work Your Way Up: Career Advancement

    Are you trying to work your way up in a company? Are you planning for your next job? In order to move your way up, there are things you need to consider, even on your first day of the job. Are you ready to move up? I have a list of top 10 soft skills […]

  • building a team on a drawing board

    How to Create a Killer HR Department

    Nearly every large-scale company in the country has a human resources department. However, unlike other departments, the role of human resources can vary widely from one company to the next. As such, upper-level management has the responsibility to consider and strategically determine the credo that guides the actions of the Human Resources department.   If […]

  • how to grow productivity

    Top 7 Tips for Being More Productive at Work

    We’ve all been there before: sitting at your desk, staring at the bright screen in front of you, and struggling to find the determination and the motivation to produce just one coherent thought. Other days you may be getting things done from the moment you get to work only to hit a wall in the […]

  • social media on a tablet

    Social Media in the Workplace

    The onset of social media in the past decade has brought with it a lot of change. From the way people interact and keep in touch with each other to the way companies market their products and services, social media has significantly altered, without hyperbole, the way the world works. The workplace is not exempt […]